Care Dienstengroep


“We are a cleaning organization in the broadest sense of the word and as such spend many 'man hours' to ensure clean working environments in which it is pleasant to work.”

About Care Services group

Care Dienstengroep is a cleaning service provider with its head office in Nijverdal and branches in Maarssen and Maastricht. All activities are aimed at cleaning and keeping work environments clean. Care is a company that specializes in cleaning services and strives for a cleaner working environment. They offer a wide range of services, including regular cleaning, window cleaning, facade cleaning, graffiti removal and emergency services. Think of office spaces, classrooms, production halls and practice rooms. The company works closely with clients to provide tailor-made solutions. Flexibility and customer focus are central to their services, enabling them to respond quickly to customer-specific wishes.


Become a major player

Within less than two decades Care Service Group has grown into an important player in the field of regular and specialist cleaning. Customer focus is at the heart of everything the company does and it goes without saying that the company has all the required certifications in the context of quality and environmental management, workplace safety and professional cleaning. Corporate social responsibility is one of the important values for Care, where they strive for a positive impact on employees. Due to this rapid growth and value, an opportunity was sought to keep the cash flow as optimal as possible.



The well-being and satisfaction of the employees is central within Care Dienstengroep. All activities of Care Dienstengroep are performed almost 100% by people, day in, day out, at locations throughout the country. All in all, that means many man-hours every month that have to be paid on time. “This is not a problem if our customers pay on time, but unfortunately payment terms are not always adhered to,” explains Marcel. “The money will come, but sometimes later than it is needed for the payment of salaries.”


During the search for an optimal cash flow, Care Dienstengroep’s financial service provider put the cleaning specialist in contact with Boozt24. Pre-financing on invoices via Boozt24's innovative platform already proved to be an attractive option during the exploratory talks. The entire invoicing of Care Dienstengroep now goes through the platform. The company now receives a significant percentage of the invoice amount shortly after submitting an invoice, a percentage that improves as payment behavior improves. The latter is largely related to good debtor management. The entire invoicing and debtor monitoring of Care Dienstengroep now goes through the Boozter platform. “And that works out great, one less thing to worry about for us,” says Marcel. Care Dienstengroep submits an invoice and can almost immediately expect a large part of the invoice amount. If a customer threatens to pay too late, the platform alerts them, often with the desired result. If there is nevertheless no immediate prospect of payment, then “we can buy back the relevant invoice and go after the payment ourselves, in order to keep the pre-financing percentage on the other invoices as high as possible”, concludes Marcel.

The Result

Pre-financing via Boozt24 ensures stable cash flow at Care Service Group

The Care Dienstengroep wants satisfied customers, but also satisfied employees, because only then can you deliver real quality as a company. Satisfied employees not only mean ensuring good working conditions and preventing continuous time pressure, but also a punctual salary payment. Inherent in the industry is that services must first be performed in order to be invoiced. However, salaries often have to be paid before the customer's money is received. Pre-financing based on invoices via the Boozter platform is an excellent solution. This platform also appears to be an excellent match with the administration of Care Dienstengroep, while any problems are solved very quickly by the Boozt24 team. "We are satisfied with Boozt24, that's logical..., just to use a Cruijffian statement."
Marcel Grob
Founder & Owner

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