Convert outstanding invoices into working capital with factoring at Boozt24

At Boozt24 we buy your invoices and within 24 hours we pay the large half of the invoice amount directly to you. We want to help entrepreneurs grow in this way.


What is factoring?

When a company sells a product or service on credit, a payment term is agreed between the seller and the debtor. The invoices are therefore not immediately liquid. In the meantime, however, the selling company still incurs costs. In some cases, this can cause cash flow problems for a company. Factoring solves this problem by advancing the amount to the company. Boozt24 buys the invoice and thus becomes the owner of the invoice. This ensures that the selling company is no longer dependent on the agreed payment term. Factoring ensures that working capital is immediately available, which can then be immediately reinvested in the company to achieve growth. 

How does factoring at Boozt24 work?

Most factoring companies finance per invoice, Boozt24 does not; we finance on the basis of the entire debtor portfolio. We not only consider the amounts on the invoices, but also the spread and payment behavior of the portfolio. At Boozt24, your invoices are the security for your facility limit. That is why we do not need a private guarantee or a business plan. The value of your debtor portfolio is important to us. This way of factoring ensures that Boozt24 is often cheaper than other factoring solutions


How does it work?


Step 1

Deliver product or service to the customer


Step 2

Send your invoice to the customer and to us


Step 3

We transfer 85% of the invoice amount to your account within 24 hours


Step 4

Your customer pays Boozt24


Step 5

We transfer the last part of your money to your account

What are the costs for factoring?

Factoring is a non-bank way to finance your business, but it's important to know the costs of factoring. Our rates are determined, among other things, by your annual turnover and based on your average outstanding invoices, we establish a suitable financing limit together. You pay a fee on this limit and a fee on the use of the limit, often totaling less than 1% of your turnover. Boozt24 finances the entire portfolio, making us one of the cheapest factors in addition to all other benefits!


What makes us different?


1. Proprietary technology

Our proprietary platform, the Boozter, is a big part of our success. The platform ensures that everything is securely automated. This makes factoring with us easy, fast and safe.


2. We grow with you

We think it is important that your company grows, our way of factoring ensures that this is possible. Are you growing as a company? Then Boozt24’s financing grows along with you.

3. Own debtor management

We do not take over debtor management, as most factorers do. At Boozt24 we think it is important that our customers keep control over their own customers.

4. No private guarantee

We do not ask for a private guarantee. Unlike other factoring companies, your sent invoices are our only security.

5. Monthly notice period

With us you will not be stuck for years. If your circumstances change, you can cancel with one month's notice.

6. Businessplan not required

We provide financing without a business plan. We look at the value of your portfolio.

Curious about who we are? View the about us page

Do I qualify?

Boozt24 is independent, this is how we distinguish ourselves as a financing partner. We make our own choices and as a result, no sectors are excluded. View our cases and read about the success of factoring in various industries.

Not sure if factoring is right for you? We work with independent advisors who can help you with this view here the page.

We also use transparent rates and rules and we grow with your company. By this we mean that you will receive more financing when your turnover grows. Finally, you have the choice to manage your debtors yourself. This way you always stay in control with Boozt24 factoring. 


These are our conditions

Do you meet the requirements? Then we would love to help you

1. Your company is in business for at least two years and you can prove this with annual reports;

2. You are active in the B2B-market;

3. You will generate a turnover of at least €500,000 this year;

4. You have an outstanding debtor balance of at least €50,000.


How do I become a Boozt24 customer?

Step 1: Request a quote

You request a quote on our platform. This quotation is free and without obligation. Based on your information and documents, such as the debtor list and the annual report, you will receive a quote from us within 24 hours.

Step 2: Agree with the quote

When you agree, you can sign and upload the quote on our platform. From here the risk process starts. After approval you will receive an agreement.

Step 3: Start to finance

When you have signed the agreement and it has been returned, we will check the submitted documents. After approval, the financing can start!

Want to know more? View our FAQ page for more information

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