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Current account vs Factoring

The difference between current account and factoring. As an entrepreneur, you often face the challenge of financing your business in the most efficient and effective way. A frequently asked question is: which form of financing should I choose?

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SME financing by banks

We all know that it is very difficult for SMEs to get finance from banks. Find out why banks are reluctant to finance SMEs and learn about alternative financing options.

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Collecting unpaid invoices

As an entrepreneur, collecting outstanding invoices is essential for maintaining a healthy cash flow. Unfortunately, collecting unpaid invoices can sometimes be a challenge. A step-by-step plan for a successful approach to collecting unpaid invoices.

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Outsourcing Debtor management: Pros and Cons

For many entrepreneurs, maintaining financial administration is a time-consuming task. An important aspect of this is accounts receivable management: managing and following up on outstanding invoices. In this article, we provide the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing accounts receivable management, along with practical tips.

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