Financial advice

Independent consultants work together with Boozt24

We think it’s important that our product fits your company and/or your situation well. That is why Boozt24 has a large network of independent consultants with whom we like to work, to provide financial advice. They have a broad knowledge and experience in the financial field and work together with various providers. This means that an independent consultant knows better than anyone which products are available on the market and which of them best suits your situation. 

Map of independent consultants

Boozt24 has prepared a map of independent consultants. This way you can easily find an independent consultant for financial advice in your area. 

Overview Boozt24 consultants

Claassen, Moolenbeek & Partners
█ Eijgen Finance
█ Stapelfinanciering

Not yet a consultant in the Boozt24 network?

Are you not yet a consultant in our network and a collaboration appeals to you? Leave your details on the contact page and we will contact you.

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