Veronique van Hoef


"Effective communication adds significant value for both the customer and Boozt24."

"I grew up in Almere, and after working abroad for some time, I returned to the Netherlands in search of new opportunities. In 2022, I had the chance to work in Lisbon, Portugal, as a customer care service for a project, where I could leverage my skills. After a year and a half of valuable experience, I returned to the Netherlands and got in touch with Boozt24. Thanks to a friend within the company, I was forwarded the vacancy for Client Success Agent, and I seized the opportunity to join here.

Recently, I moved to Rotterdam and enjoy exploring the city in my free time. I love discovering new places, both domestically and internationally. Art and culture are my passions, so you'll often find me in museums, theaters, and concerts. Additionally, I still have a strong interest in media design, something I enjoyed during my studies and continue to pursue in my spare time. And of course, I thoroughly enjoy good food and spending time with friends and family!

As a Client Success Agent, I have a lot of interaction with customers and strive to support them as best as I can with any questions they have. It's very fulfilling to get to know customers better over time and receive positive feedback. Additionally, I'm responsible for some administrative tasks.

I see myself as a link between the customer and the rest of Boozt24. Due to the short lines of communication between different departments, internal communication is very easy. The atmosphere in the office is very pleasant, and we are all hard workers, which is very motivating."