Rien Braakman


“Our own software platform provides comfort.”

From the start of Boozt24 I have been actively involved. After completing my law studies in Utrecht, I started a debt collection, legal advice and credit management company. I sold this company in 2010. Through the collection and credit management business I became involved in the development of software for valuation of debtors as well as factoring. That's how I ended up at Boozt24. Determining the value of debtors is essential for Boozt24 as a factoring company.

In my spare time I like to travel, go on weekends or go out for dinner. We like to be in Finland, we also have a house there. I also like to read about (geo)political subjects or sometimes an exciting thriller.

At Boozt24 I fulfil the position of Legal Officer. I am also a shareholder of the company. My role is to think about the strategy, shaping the financing structure and the legal control of contracts. I am also a member of the Risk Committee. The strategy is of course an important pillar for Boozt24. This should be clear to the entire team. So, what do we do and not do, and under what conditions.

The cooperation in the team is very good. We trust and have respect for each other, which ensures the team spirit that makes Boozt24 grow. We are on an upward trend, partly as a result of the software platform we developed ourselves. This allows us to facilitate our customers well and connect customers very easily. It creates the space to become a major player and to enter into partnerships with other parties. The current solid foundation is the basis for further growth.