Mun Yee Chong


“We work as a team towards the overall picture.”

“Actually, I came to Boozt24 as an intern. Before graduating on Commercial Economics at Hogeschool Windseheim Almere, I had to go through a graduation co-maker. After my graduation period, I stayed and was given the opportunity to actually execute my graduation project, a marketing strategy plan.

I live in Almere and like to do crafts, make something by hand and paint in my spare time. But I'm also very social, so I like to meet up with friends to do fun things.

My position as an Online Marketer is quite broad in terms of content. For example, I am involved in lead generation, staff recruitment, brand expansion - basically everything that is essential to increase Boozt24's value proposition. In addition, I am building the website, which is after all our calling card. As a marketer, I hope that we will have grown in a few years and that we will have more brand awareness within our market.

Thanks to our weekly meetings, we know exactly who will be working on what that week. In a corporate you are often a number, at Boozt24 we take the time for each other and we can share our visions. This is how we work as a team towards the overall picture.”