Hein Kop


“We help SMEs move forward.”

Before I started at Boozt24, I did several things. From retail to fashion, from automotive to design in various management positions – I am boundlessly curious. For my work I have often participated in trade fairs, both nationally and internationally. They're all different industries I've been in, yet they all have the same thing in common: collaborating with people and helping others move forward. That's what I also like to do at Boozt24. In my free time I also enjoy working with people. I organize running dinners in my street, in Vught. This way the whole street comes together and we dine together so that everyone gets to know each other. I live in Vught with my wife. I also enjoy skiing and snowboarding. My daughter is a ski instructor in Austria in the winter, and of course I have to keep up with her. The cosmetic restoration of cars is also a great passion of mine. So, all very diverse.

At Boozt24 I maintain contact with the advisors we work with. In addition, I am responsible for the process new costumers end up in. I make sure that the collaboration runs smoothly from start to finish. Once the customer is onboarded, I will also maintain this contact. And for this I go to work with pleasure.

I like to see how Boozt24 has found a balance between technology and the human touch. Our software is a great technological tool for what we do as a team to support SMEs. It is therefore our mission to help them grow. We try to achieve that together. In the future I hope we can take Boozt24 to an international level. Then we can see even more companies grow.”