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"Standard transactions are fully automated. Only exceptional cases require some attention, such as a customer paying without mentioning the payment reference.”

About Kayden Stones & Ceramics

Kayden Stones & Ceramics is a specialized 'stone experience centre' that supplies natural stone, glass ceramics, and quartz composite. Based in Bladel, Brabant, the company caters to professional stone masons in the Benelux region and their customers. Sustainability is a top priority at Kayden Stone & Ceramics. "Natural stone is already a sustainable material due to its long lifespan. The glass ceramics we offer are produced using an innovative process that incorporates recycled glass, including old solar panels, while quartz composite is essentially made from leftover materials," says Michel van den Goorbergh, Managing Director of Kayden Stone & Ceramics. glaskeramiek en kwartscomposiet. Het bedrijf is gevestigd in het Brabantse Bladel en richt zich direct op de professionele steenhouwer in de Benelux en indirect op de klanten daarvan. Kayden Stone & Ceramics heeft duurzaamheid hoog in het vaandel staan. “Natuursteen is van zich al een duurzaam materiaal als je kijkt naar de zeer lange levensduur. Het glaskeramiek dat we leveren wordt middels een innovatief proces voor een groot deel gemaakt uit gerecycleerd glas, onder meer afkomstig uit oude zonnepanelen, terwijl het kwartscomposiet een product is dat feitelijk gemaakt wordt uit restmaterialen”, aldus Michel van den Goorbergh, managing director van Kayden Stone & Ceramics.

Maintaining inventory is costly for us.

Quartz composite and glass ceramics are relatively predictable in terms of shape and colour and can be ordered according to preference, but this is not the case with natural stone. Each slab is unique in terms of pattern and colour and must appeal to the customer of the stone mason. Only then can Kayden Stone & Ceramics deliver. Maintaining a stock of slabs, especially in the size displayed in the Stone Experience Centre, is costly, while it is quite possible that the stone mason or customer might want a slightly different colour. This would have to be ordered, while the displayed slab remains in the showroom.


When payments for custom stone slabs that have already been delivered are delayed, it can create some logistical problems for the business. While the company could take out a loan in such a situation, this goes against their philosophy of only using money from completed orders rather than borrowing. As Van den Goorbergh puts it, “This way we only spend the money we already have on hand.”


"Invoicing through the Boozt24 platform offers a solution! Once material is sold, it can be invoiced to the customer and the company typically receives a large portion of the invoice amount on their account within one day. This enables the company to purchase new materials and pay for ongoing expenses. In addition, invoicing through the platform greatly relieves the company's own administration. Brigitte Voorkamp, Marketing & Finance, explains: "Standard transactions are fully automated. Only exceptional cases require some attention, such as a customer paying without mentioning the payment reference.”

The Result

The Boozt24 platform is perfect for Kayden Stone & Ceramics to maintain a healthy financial balance between sales and purchases.

"If your business philosophy is to only finance completed orders, it is important that your customers pay for what has been delivered promptly. In this case, pre-financing through Boozt24 is ideal. A payment is made shortly after an invoice is sent. 'This way, the company can be the supplier of material, not the financier, and you only spend the money you already have on hand', explains Michel van den Goorbergh, Managing Director of Kayden Stone & Ceramics.
Michel van den Goorbergh - Brigitte Voorkamp
Managing Director - Marketing & Finance

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