Kerna Luxury Stones


"Standard transactions are fully automated. Only exceptional cases require some attention, such as a customer paying without mentioning the payment reference.”

Over Kerna Luxury Stones

Kerna Luxury Stones As a 'stone experience centre', it specializes in the supply of natural stone, glass ceramic and quartz composite. The company is located in Bladel, Brabant and focuses directly on professional stonecutters in the Benelux and indirectly on their customers. Kerna Luxury Stones attaches great importance to sustainability. “Natural stone is in itself a sustainable material if you look at its very long lifespan. The glass ceramics that we supply are largely made from recycled glass through an innovative process, including from old solar panels, while the quartz composite is a product that is actually made from residual materials,” says Michel van den Goorbergh, CEO of Kerna Luxury Stones.

Boozt24 also provided the right support during the takeover process

Kayden Stone & Ceramics was already a Boozt24 customer. Michel van den Goorbergh, then managing director of Kayden Stone & Ceramics, kept Boozt24 constantly informed of the acquisition of all shares and received the right support from Boozt24. Immediately after the takeover, Van den Goorbergh changed the name to Kerna Luxury Stones and gave his daughter shares in the holding company.

Maintaining inventory is costly for us.

Quartz composite and glass ceramic are still fairly predictable in terms of shape and color and can therefore be ordered according to your wishes, which is not the case with natural stone. Each slab is different in pattern and colors and must appeal to the customer, i.e. the stonemason's customer. Only then can Kerna Luxury Stones deliver. Keeping slabs in stock, especially in the format in which they are displayed in the Stone Experience Center, is expensive, while it is quite conceivable that the stonemason or customer would like a slightly different color. This must then be ordered, while the displayed plate remains in the showroom.


If payment by the stonemason for finally delivered free size slabs takes some time, this is less pleasant for business operations. Of course, in that case you can borrow money as a company. However, this does not fit within the corporate philosophy of Kerna Luxury Stones, which is based on 'no borrowing and only financing orders that have already been delivered'. “You don't spend money that you don't have,” says Van den Goorbergh.


Invoicing via the Boozt24 platform offers the solution! As soon as material has been sold, the customer can be invoiced and the company usually receives a large part of the invoice amount on its account no more than one day later. This means that it once again has resources to purchase new materials and to pay for current affairs. In addition, invoicing via the platform greatly reduces the burden on your own administration. “Standard matters run completely automatically and only unusual matters require some attention, for example a customer who pays without stating the payment reference,” explains Jasmijn van den Goorbergh, marketing manager.

The Result

Platform via Boozt24 ideaal voor Kerna Luxury Stones om een goede financiële balans voor in- en verkoop te creëren

"If your business philosophy is to only finance completed orders, it is important that your customers pay for what has been delivered promptly. In this case, pre-financing through Boozt24 is ideal. A payment is made shortly after an invoice is sent. 'This way, the company can be the supplier of material, not the financier, and you only spend the money you already have on hand', explains Michel van den Goorbergh, Managing Director of Kayden Stone & Ceramics.
Michel van den Goorbergh - Jasmijn van den Goorbergh
CEO - Marketing Manager

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