Pieter Bouwknegt


“The software is fair and easy to use.”

“I have been part of the Boozt team for 7 years now. As a Development Manager I am responsible for the company's software. I can use the knowledge and experience of my previous position on the operational side, in my current position. My goal is to design the software in such a way that Boozt24 ensures fair financing and that it is an easy-to-use program to provide the financing. It should be understandable to everyone.

It's nice to see that all the effort we put into the company as a team is actually paying off. I think this definitely has to do with our team. Everyone plays their part really well and this is reflected in the results. But besides that we are all on the ball, we are also a really nice team with good energy. We enthuse each other and that also means that we are all productive together.”