Company Dog

“Af en toe even pauzeren zorgt voor meer productiviteit.”

“I'm Moses, but most people call me Moos. I live in Laren with my owner Judith. I have been a member of the Boozt team for several years and I am active as a Company Dog. I am a very happy and lighthearted dog, I try to convey that to the team as well. In my free time I like to explore my garden and run around in the grass. I like to actively say hello and hug everyone I meet. But my favorite activity is eating. I really eat everything I can get my paws on.

I go home with a satisfied feeling when I have been able to encourage everyone to have a productive working day. With my presence I try to remind the team that it is also good to take a break every now and then. I encourage them to play and cuddle with me for a while, then they get back to work – and I go back to napping.”