Judith Verloop


“All in the same direction.”

“I have been an entrepreneur since I was 25. In the beginning of my career I worked at various software companies. I started at Inter Access and then worked for a short period at Exact – for which I had to drive a lot in a gray Golf without power steering. That did not contribute much to my job satisfaction… After that I started OnGuard together with my partner. We had the company for a long time until we sold it. In between I also obtained an MBA at Nyenrode Business University. With this background I joined Boozt24 some years ago.

I started at Boozt24 because as an entrepreneur myself I know how difficult it often is to get your growing SME company financed by the bank. There has to be a better way! A few years ago, we at Boozt24 started building our own platform, with which we can finance SME invoices in a fully automated manner. Our platform has now been active for quite some time and we already finance many SMEs. Ultimately, the intention is to help as many SMEs as possible to grow and to finance in a fair way. Therefore, at Boozt24 we look to the future, not to the past of an SME.

It's my job as CEO to keep things together and make sure we're all going in the same direction, but that's usually not a difficult task. We are all equally driven to support our customers and because we are a team with many members with an entrepreneurial background, we have a good sense of what the customer needs.”