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"We need to be able to agree on a financing limit based on our own projections, but that limit should be 'flexible' and quickly adjustable."

About YAYA Kombucha


Kombucha has been consumed for thousands of years by many cultures outside of Europe. Within Europe, this naturally fermented drink made from tea and sugar is rapidly gaining popularity in recent years. Kombucha is relatively easy to brew at home, like brewing beer, and was initially a fun hobby for Tom Vollebregt and Charlotte Krijger. It was Tom who discovered kombucha during a stay in America. Once back home, Tom and Charlotte began brewing kombucha on a small scale, for their own consumption and as gifts for friends and acquaintances. Soon, their home kitchen was exchanged for a 50 sqm property, and YAYA Kombucha was born!

Less than 5 years later, the company can now be found in a modern 500 sqm2property in the Houthavens district of Amsterdam. Daar worden basisproducten het hele jaar rond geproduceerd en specials met de seizoenen mee. There, basic products are produced year-round and special seasonal products are also made. Going from a few litres at home to many litres now does not mean that it has become a "mass product" for both founders. They still work with great love and dedication to optimize and refine the brewing process. "Tom and I have only one goal and that is to make the best kombucha in Europe" - Charlotte Krijger, Co-Founder and Co-owner of YAYA Kombucha.


Developing new flavors and expanding the range of products.

YAYA Kombucha, started as a small home-brewing hobby for Tom Vollebregt and Charlotte Krijger, has grown into a successful business in just 5 years. Their love for kombucha and dedication to creating delicious and unique flavors has led to a strong market demand for their product. Today, YAYA Kombucha brews on a professional level in a 500 square meter facility that includes everything from brewing to bottling lines. The company's growth has not been limited to just producing more of the same product, but also a drive to constantly improve and create new flavors.

In addition to their basic products, the company also creates seasonal specials to keep customers interested and loyal throughout the year. The company aims to dominate the Western European market while still maintaining a focus on sourcing ingredients locally and maintaining direct relationships with suppliers. "This is really important for us and our product", says Charlotte.



A significant increase in orders and the partly seasonal nature of the product are not only a production challenge, but also a financial one. Like any other drink manufacturer, YAYA Kombucha also sees demand rise as the temperature outside increases. At the same time, the company needs to try and anticipate periods when demand for basic products is lower.

To this end, 'specials' are produced, specifically for the season, to entice consumers outside of summer periods. In both cases, raw materials are needed that will need to be pre-financed, which is not always easy. The sale of specials can still be reasonably predicted, but a sudden increase in demand due to the temperature rising significantly is more difficult to calculate. "We must be able to agree on a financing limit based on our own predictions, but that limit must be 'fluid' and able to be adjusted quickly", says Charlotte.



It is precisely with this 'fluid' keeping of the limit that Boozt24 turned out to be able to help perfectly! Boozt24 works with a small team of specialists in pre-financing and has its own advanced platform. "Whenever more space is needed to pay bills, for example if demand suddenly increases and we need to buy more stock, Boozt24 can think and act quickly", says Charlotte.

An additional benefit of the Boozt24 platform is that it generates a daily payout specification, which as such is very actual. Any issues are quickly visible. "It is great that with pre-financing at Boozt24 you keep the debtor management in your own hands, in contrast to traditional factoring companies, because the customer is extremely important to us, so also preserving direct contact", says Charlotte.

The Result

Boozt24 makes financing for YAYA Kombucha 'fluid'

If a company wants to be able to move along with the demand for its product and also be able to quickly purchase extra stock when there is a sudden increase in demand, it is important that financing on invoices is flexible. "Based on our own forecasts, a limit is agreed upon, but this limit is then flexible, allowing us to easily move along with the demand for our products."
Charlotte Krijger
Co-founder & Co-owner

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